ABC’s of Vehicle Care

The Car Care Council’s ABCs of vehicle care.


“A” stands for always following a vehicles maintenance plan

“B” means be sure to have a vehicle inspected when there is a problem and

“C” is to correct the problem when it happens to avoid any dangers or inconveniences down the road.

The importance of preventative maintenance is crucial especially since the average age of a vehicle on the road is older than 11.4 years!

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Have you every changed your brake fluid?

*Why is a brake fluid flush important?

              Benefits: Brake fluid is a hydroscopic fluid meaning…

It pulls moisture out of the air, that moisture when left in a brake system will rust ABS and other hydraulic brake components like calipers and hoses. The moisture makes the fluid more acidic and it “breaks down” damages rubber hoses.

*When should a brake fluid flush be done?

A brake fluid flush should be done every 2 years!