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:: ESP Referral Program

:: Spring 2022

Special #1 -$15 off a Brake Fluid Service

* Benefits: Brake fluid is a hydroscopic fluid meaning…

It pulls moisture out of the air, that moisture when left in a brake system will rust ABS and other hydraulic brake components like calipers and hoses. The moisture makes the fluid more acidic and it “breaks down” damages rubber hoses.

*When should a brake fluid flush be done?   A brake fluid flush should be done every 2 years!


Special #2 -$10 off an alignment

* Here are 3 benefits of proper wheel alignment:

Improved Fuel Efficiency -Properly aligned wheels help spread the power and torque evenly as you are driving and that means less wasted energy/fuel)

Longer Tire Life -If your tires are wearing unevenly or the edges are thinning out more than the middles, there’s a good chance your wheels are out of alignment. Proper wheel alignment, along with regular tire rotations, will provide more even wear and extend the lifespan of your tires.)

Less Damage to Other Components -Beyond just the tires, many other vehicle components are affected by misaligned wheels. When things aren’t lined up correctly, every system has to work harder and that means more damage, as well as more potential for




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