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Thank you so much for your support in sending me on this mission trip to Africa! This week was such a cool opportunity to go and serve and see the Lord move in amazing ways! Over the 4 days of clinic, we were able to see and help over 600 Kenyan people providing medication, treatment and hopefully relationships what will last long after we left. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity and your contributions to it. Sarah


    To All the Workers + Staff of ESP. I want to thank everyone from the mechanics, the administration staff and secretaries who have kept my vehicles running in a safe manner over the years. This year in particular I have had major problems with my track and Lincoln Town Car. Your caring advice and consultation made my decision much easier and practical. The advice about it is now the time to sell the Lincoln was decides; and as a result of who might be willing to purchase it. When anybody asks me who they should go to when getting repairs: there is only 1 place and that is ESP Auto. Thank you again for all your work, advice and consultation. Your guys and gals are the Best. A more than a satisfied Customer. Larry  11/2023

Thank You4

Dear Dan,

Thank you so much for your generous contribution to Safe Passage of $40 in connection with Erin Judd’s participation in the 12th annual Hot Chocolate Run.

Your gift helps ensure that families in Hampshire County have the support and resources they need to rebuild their lives in the wake of domestic violence. You are providing shelter, counseling, support groups, advocacy, and legal services to hundreds of survivors and their children.

And you’re also supporting our work to prevent domestic violence. We envision a community free from violence, where relationships are healthy and respectful, where all kids grow up in safety, and where survivors have the full support of our community.

Thank you for joining the community and bringing safety, healing and hope to survivors and their families. We simply could not do this work without people like you.

Sincerely, Marianne Winters

Thank You2

Dear Dan, Chris, Kevin and all,

Thank you for the years of your conscientious and skilled care of my car, for the integrity of your service, and most of all for your compassion and many generous kindnesses. I’m very grateful!

Yours, Virginia

thank-youA Thank You

To Everyone at ESP Auto. You’re so kind

Thank you all for the TLC on my old clunkers which you continue to service over & over again.

It is so nice to be able to still trust some people in this crazy world.

Again,  Thank You,  Dennise F.


  1. I love these guys! They are awesome to work with and I never take my car anywhere else for maintenance and repairs!

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