Understanding the difference between types of repairs

There are 3 main types on repair work/maintenance.

             The first type is NECESSARY -needed for your car to safely perform

             The second type is PREVENTATIVE -work that is not urgent but is likely to need attention at a future date

             The third type is RECOMMENDED -this is work that is maintenance that could improve how your car is  operating.


On every car that is brought into ESP we do a vehicle courtesy checklist. We have had it color coded to Red, Yellow and Green and you guessed it, Red is NCESSARY, Yellow is PREVENTATIVE and RECOMMENED.

And if it is in the Green -look good.


Timing belt, when is yours due?

The picture below is from a car that the timing belt was overdue and it broke while driving, causing the engine valves to bend.

timing belt

Timing belts are one of those things that can cause catastrophic problems and most people don’t even know if they have one or when it is due.A timing belt is recommended to be replaced at a certain time and mileage interval.It’s something you can’t see so you need to replace it when it is recommended from the dealer/owners manual. Not every car has one so next time you bring your car to E.S.P. have us check to let you know when yours is due and how much it will cost.



We depend on our cars every day!

blog_thumbnailWe need to drive to work, get the kids, and to get groceries. The best way to make sure your car is going to be in top working order is preventive maintenance. From the basics of regular oil changes to mileage interval services based on your manufacturer’s recommendations. I always say it is better to do a little at a time when you can budget for repairs as compared to when you break down and are being towed in.

We go over a list of over 30 items when servicing your car as part of our customer courtesy check list. This it is a great way to get an overall look at your car and what if anything that needs to be done in the future. Give us a call or complete our online contact form if you would like to schedule your car in and check out our customer courtesy check list.